Menstuff Recommendation: Awakening the Leader – Becoming a Man

AWAKENING THE LEADER – BECOMING A MAN is an experiential bush leadership program for teenage males from their mid-teens on. The methodology is based on a contemporary rite-of-passage approach, supporting the young man to transition into a man with the capacity for self-reflection and the capability to act responsibly and respectfully in his world. Bolstered with his increased knowledge of himself and understanding his impact on others, he is in a position to awaken his inner leader and choose to make a conscious positive mark in his community.


This program is a LifeCrafting Group (not a Menstuff) initiative. Having personally witnessed and experienced the quality and power of the leader of these programs, Menstuff is happy to recommend this program to any young man and their family.


For more information please click here: https://menstuff.com.au/workshops/awakening-the-leader-becoming-a-man/




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