The Quantum Solution – Create Your Own Future

I often find people come to see me because they feel stuck. They’re unhappy with their life, unhappy with where they’re at, but can’t see a way forward. Even those who have worked hard on understanding themselves can come to a point where the question becomes “What next?”

In my experience, people are often perplexed when I ask how they want to live, who they prefer to be – questions that inevitably arise during therapy as we explore what the future may look like. Often, people are very unsure how to answer, sometimes not having thought about it at all.

People often have an all or nothing approach to problems, and the idea of completely changing the way you live in one go is, well, a terrifying prospect. So I look to Quantum Mechanics to give some direction, some philosophical insight into just how one may move toward the future. Rather than go into that mightily mind-bending theory, we can concentrate on the famous thought experiment which has come to be known as Schrodinger’s Cat. Again, it’s an understatement to say this is a complicated idea, but I’ll put it in simpler terms.

The outcome of something that hasn’t happened yet hasn’t been determined. Until something is seen or done, it sits in a place of infinite potential, of endless possibility.

Of endless possibility.

That’s pretty remarkable. If you walk to the right, for example, or if you walk to the left, you will experience different things. Those different things are another world – another universe.

The same is true of decisions you make. Each and every decision, each and every time.

What’s happening is that you’re taking back control. You are not the puppet of your life circumstances, but rather the sum total of them, with the ability to act in the manner of your choosing. You can live not acting from a place of habit, or spite, or fear – you can operate from a place of awareness and knowledge.

Start with the tiny decisions. We make thousands every day. What time to go to bed. What to eat for lunch. What social events to attend. What social media posts to react to. How to interact with colleagues. How to respond to a partner. It’s an endless and entirely personal list.

But that’s how it’s done. By the thousands of small decisions you make every day, you create your own universe. By making those decisions more consciously, with greater awareness of what’s going on for you at that moment, you take back the power to control the future you create for yourself. You find yourself in charge – in control of your own destiny, empowered to create the life you prefer to live, be the person you prefer to be.

Chris Mehl



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