What is Psychotherapy?

I’m often asked what is Psychotherapy and how does it work? Psychotherapy allows you to explore your concerns in a safe and non-judgmental environment with a mental health professional. This may be the first time you are opening up about a sensitive issue. Perhaps you aren’t fully aware what the issue is, yet you have a sense that things aren’t quite right in your life. Psychotherapy is an exploration of how you came to be the way you are; this may include looking at core beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours. We mostly adopt these in the formative years of life from our parents (who often took their cue from their parents, and so on). Throughout our development, we are further influenced by our relationships, experiences, biology and culture, to name a few. All of these shape how we see ourselves.

We often reach adulthood without having ever questioned these foundations. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, relationship woes or some other emotional distress, the key to healing may be outside of your awareness. Even if you are aware of what’s holding you back, it can be difficult to navigate in stressful times. Psychotherapy can facilitate your journey to a more authentic, conscious version of you. Clients often report drastic improvements to their lives and relationships after engaging in therapy. During the course of my own therapy, I recall discussing the very profound changes that were taking place at the time. I had just completed my studies in Psychology and the experience was not what I had learned about or expected. I remember my therapist saying “Psychology in the western world tends to put you in a box; the task of a good therapist is to take you out of it”.

As a Psychotherapist, one of the most rewarding things I can attest to is witnessing clients flourish, often defying a traumatic past. It takes tremendous courage to make that first phone call, let alone show up to your first appointment. Yet with all the challenges along the journey, I can say with conviction – life is that much more fulfilling outside the box.

Harry Bechara


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