“We believe that every person has, within themselves, the power to heal and change their lives. We see our roles as facilitating the process that enables you to engage with your authentic and conscious self to support this healing and change. Our private and group programs are all experiential, offering a space of acceptance, non-judgement and compassion, allowing your inner wisdom to emerge.”

Men and Anger – It’s Good To Talk

Anger is a theme that is often discussed in relation to men’s issues. Yet anger is not something that is exclusive to men. So why is it that anger and ‘anger management’ are so often associated with men? Could it be that women generally are more comfortable and more able to express their feelings than […]

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Is Counselling and Coaching for ‘Real Men’?

In many parts of society men are often groomed to be ‘strong’. I use the term ‘strong’ in the sense of not showing any weakness, not revealing any emotions or not expressing feelings. It’s not that men don’t have weaknesses or emotions, or even feelings … it’s just that some men have learnt to believe […]

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Do You Have a ‘Man Cave’?

I was wondering how many men have a ‘man cave‘. Do you? What sort of man cave do you have/would you like to have? What do you do in your man cave. What would you like to do if you had a man cave? Are there any particular ideas that you have, either fixed or […]

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Has MindGeek hijacked your sexuality?

In this era of high speed Internet access and constant connection the Ancient Greek aphorism to ‘know thyself’ matters more than ever. You may well ask why this matters. It matters because in today’s digital age many of us are being influenced in our choices and tastes in ways that were unimaginable even only a […]

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You Are Not a Sex Addict

Our culture is obsessed with sex. Sexual images and suggestive messages can be seen everywhere we look. Yet, human sexuality is poorly understood and something we rarely talk about. Instead, we get caught up in pseudo scientific debates about whether sex addiction is a brain disease or not. It can be too easy to pathologise […]

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Are you heteroflexible?

Do you consider yourself a straight male who given the right circumstances occasionally has sex with other men but are not attracted to them? In recent years a number of sociologists have been researching a group of men who are challenging what we consider it means to be heterosexual. These men have sex with other […]

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