Counselling & Coaching for Women

Menstuff offers counselling and/or coaching for women interested in exploring, processing, or working through  goals, challenges, issues or problems in relation to a man, or men, in their lives.

These goals, challenges, issues or problems could relate to:

  • Relationships – including relationship problems, feeling like you want/deserve more from your relationship
  • Work-life balance
  • Relationship goals – challenges in relation to being single or starting/establishing a new relationship
  • Communication issues or a desire for deeper, improved communication
  • Challenging behaviours – either yours or those of a man in your life
  • Balancing your individual needs and those of your relationship or family
  • Stress caused by major life transitions such as work changes, health issues, starting a family, etc.
  • Any other challenge or goal relating to a man, or men, in your life

Counselling and Coaching for Women at Menstuff can make use of many techniques, and also brings with it an understanding of the issues, challenges, and desires of men in the world today. Working with a male counsellor can help to bring you to a greater sense of understanding of the man, or men, in your life and can help you to find solutions to the key issues.

Women’s Coaching also allows you to move forward in a way that engages all aspects of yourself: your values, beliefs, dreams and your greatest (sometimes hidden) potential.

Counselling & Coaching at Menstuff is holistic in it’s nature, which means that it allows you to engage your goals,  from a variety of perspectives, including practical, emotional, energetic/spiritual and intellectual.

Where appropriate, Menstuff will provide suitable recommendations and referrals to you to allow you to continue your process after your counselling, should you choose to do so.