Divide and Conquer

Not usually words that I would use as they bring up such strong images of war. But for some men, there is an internal battle being waged daily, a battle to keep up appearances, to not let the family down, to perform at work – all while feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, and worth nothing to nobody. And so, we divide, and then we conquer.

PictureIt gets so confusing. You used to be able to deal with everything so easily. Nothing phased you, and you were always able to get on with keeping on. But recently, the weight of life is taking its toll – you’re stressed, easily angry, not sleeping, and wondering just how long it’s going to be before someone notices.

This is a common experience for many people, especially men. You are not alone in this experience, and there are many ways to move from this period of despair into a renewed period of life.

So first, we divide.

You are not your problem. You are vastly more complex than a simple self rejecting phrase, more interesting than the hopeless person you think you are, and hold a reserve of potential that under the right circumstances can be tapped to provide you with energy and direction. First, we get a handle on what is going on for you, what it’s like to be you, living your life. Then we take that knowledge and we go deeper. What are your triggers? What does your negative self-talk tell you?

PictureNext comes the process to separate you from the negative self-talk. We clearly define where it ends and where you begin. At the same time, we look back to how it formed in the first place. Perhaps your father always told you you weren’t good enough. Perhaps you were bullied as a child. Perhaps you were subject to some form of abuse. However the negative self talk began, it can be understood.

Now it is separate from you, and it is understood. Now we conquer.

This phase is a phase of action, of practice, and of exploration. It’s the phase in which we take all the amazing insight we have together learned about you, and we use it to nut out just who you want to be, just how you want to live.

This is a period of discovery, a period where you learn to be free of the negative self talk, the period in which we conquer your past, and create for you, a new future.

Chris Mehl



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