“We believe that every person has, within themselves, the power to heal and change their lives. We see our roles as facilitating the process that enables you to engage with your authentic and conscious self to support this healing and change. Our private and group programs are all experiential, offering a space of acceptance, non-judgement and compassion, allowing your inner wisdom to emerge.”

Twenty Things I Learnt (The Hard Way) In My Twenties

Bridges burned, solo travel, family feuds and a whole lot of confusion. The twenties were not in vain. Here are some lessons I picked up along the way: – Avoiding conflict in order to please everyone doesn’t make me “nice” (I’m nice for plenty of other reasons, ha). – Speaking up, being direct and disagreeing […]

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Five Self-Care Tips for an Extended Lockdown (+Resources)

“We’re all in different boats going through the same storm” – Unknown. Lockdown has affected everyone to varying degrees. Whilst some people have welcomed the change of pace, the majority are understandably struggling to adapt to the current restrictions. Counselling service Lifeline recently had its busiest day in the organisations history; a sign of the […]

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Why Therapy is for “Tough Guys” Too!

I often hear people referring to their friend or significant other as a ‘typical bloke’. The implication is that this person is a tough, no-nonsense sort of guy. He doesn’t discuss his emotions; in fact, you’d be hard pressed to believe he has any judging by how he holds himself. If there is one thing […]

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Shame, Blame & The Family Name: Growing Up Gay in an Arab Household

“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain” Kahlil Gibran Are you a Middle-Eastern man who is attracted to other men? Do you feel the need to hide, for fear of being judged or marginalised? Over the years I’ve worked with men who have struggled to bridge the gap […]

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How Psychotherapy Can Help You Become the Best Version of Yourself

I’m often asked what is Psychotherapy and how could I benefit from it? Psychotherapy allows you to explore your concerns in a safe and non-judgmental environment with a mental health professional. This may be the first time you are opening up about a sensitive issue. Perhaps you aren’t fully aware what the issue is, yet […]

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How ‘Brainspotting’ Can Take You From Survivor to Thriver

I’ve increasingly been drawing on a therapeutic modality called Brainspotting – a brain-based therapy discovered by Dr David Grand. Brainspotting is a powerful technique that processes trauma and distress that is stuck in the body. Often talk-based therapies alone can fall short when dealing with trauma and its associated effects. “Brainspotting allows us to harness […]

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