How To Choose A Coach Or Counsellor

It is very important that you choose to work with a coach or counsellor that you can relate to and who you feel can help you.
When looking for a coach or counsellor it is useful to consider the following:

• Are they qualified? Have they trained as a coach or counsellor?

• Are they a member of a professional association? Professional associations usually require high levels of training and/or experience, have a code of conduct to ensure their members operate in a professional manner, ensure that their members have professional insurance, and most importantly that members are involved in ongoing training and professional development

• Do they have experience working with the kinds of issues that you want to see them about?

• What sort of framework or techniques do they use? Do they just offer a ‘talking’ service or are they able to use other techniques such as body-oriented processes? Do they just work with the mind or do they work with all parts of you – your mind, your body, your emotional and spiritual aspects too?

• Do you feel comfortable with them?

• Do you feel you can trust them to talk about your stuff?

• Do you have an opportunity to talk to them before deciding to buy their services?