Meditation is one of the most profound life-changing techniques that can be learnt in a relatively short period, and is a proven tool for reducing stress and increasing wellbeing.


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While the learnings of many traditional and modern meditation styles and practices are incorporated into meditation training at Menstuff, meditation is offered in a non-religious and non-ideological way. Harvard University professor Herbert O. Benson, MD, showed that religious belief wasn’t necessary to reap the benefits of meditation. It is the repetitive practice, and not a specific technique or intent, that brings about what he called the relaxation response (Mind/Body Medical Institute at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston)

Meditation at Menstuff focuses primarily on the techniques of meditation, allowing men of different backgrounds, religions and cultures to incorporate meditation effectively into their daily life in a way that supports their own authentic belief systems.

Private programs at Menstuff provide an opportunity for a client to work with their own individual goals and challenges. These programs are fully customised and therefore accommodate a client’s physical, mental or emotional health issues. Techniques and practices are appropriately tailored to deepen the client’s practice. As such these programs can be extremely significant in helping a client achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.

At times Menstuff runs Meditation classes to introduce students to a smorgasbord of different meditation techniques with a view to each student finding a practice that resonates with him. Classes are ideal for someone who is seeking a broader introduction to learning to meditate.

Workplace or group meditation programmes can be tailored to the needs of the organisation or group.

Numerous meditation techniques are covered at Menstuff including:

  • How to meditate (posture, when, where, etc.)
  • Mindfulness (vipassana)
  • Body-focussed meditations
  • Breath-focussed meditations
  • Mantra (affirmation) meditations
  • Visualisations
  • Walking and moving meditations
  • Open-eyed meditations
  • Eating meditations
  • Integrating meditation into everyday life
  • Chronic pain/illness meditations
  • Object-focussed meditations