Men’s Counselling & Psychotherapy

Menstuff offers counselling and trauma-informed psychotherapy for men and young men interested in exploring, processing, or working through a specific challenge, issue or problem in their lives, sensing that something is missing, feeling ‘not quite yourself’, being overly stressed, reacting to situations in ways that are out of proportion, and for many other reasons.

Men’s Counselling or Psychotherapy can make use of many techniques, and also brings with it an understanding of the issues, challenges, and desires of men in the world today. Working with a male counsellor or psychotherapist can help to bring you to a greater sense of understanding, acceptance and inner-power in the way you hold yourself as a man in the world, and can help you to find your solutions to the issues that are most pressing in your life.

Where appropriate, Menstuff will provide suitable recommendations and referrals to you to allow you to continue your process after your counselling or psychotherapy, should you choose to do so.