Check out ‘The Secret Lives of Sex Addicts’

Sex addiction made it into the pages of the newspaper again this weekend with an article appearing in the Sydney Morning Herald titled, ‘The Secret Lives of Sex Addicts’.

Just the title of the article highlights the difficulty we have as a society coming to terms with this growing trend. The fact that it remains a ‘secret’ makes it even more difficult for people to admit that they have a problem because of the associated shame and guilt associated with such a label.

While we are a culture saturated in sex where it is used to sell everything from instant coffee to hearing aids, when it comes to discussing the complexity of sex addiction we get caught up in all sorts of clinical and moral traps.

The article begins by making it clear that clinically speaking there is no formal diagnostic classification of sex addiction nor is there any clear evidence about what really works effectively as a treatment. No studies have been conclusive in determining whether brain chemicals even play a significant role in sex addiction.

At the other end of the spectrum moralists argue that because it is considered a compulsive behaviour rather than a traditional addiction, sex addicts are seen as weak willed or just use the label as an excuse for bad behaviour.

Perhaps in all this discussion we are missing the point altogether and have to ask ourselves how much this really has to do with sex at all. Instead we might find someone dealing with emotional stress, frustration or boredom. Is such an individual anaesthetising themselves against some sort of suffering and can we help them find alternate ways to get their needs met?

Read the article and see what you think here –  www.smh.com.au


Douglas Channing



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