Has MindGeek hijacked your sexuality?

In this era of high speed Internet access and constant connection the Ancient Greek aphorism to ‘know thyself’ matters more than ever.

You may well ask why this matters. It matters because in today’s digital age many of us are being influenced in our choices and tastes in ways that were unimaginable even only a decade ago.

Let’s take our sexuality for example.

The most searched item on the Internet is porn. MindGeek has over 100 million daily visitors to its vast porn empire. It controls almost all the all of the free tube sites including Pornhub, YouPorn and Redtube as well as an increasing number of production companies.

With this many people watching so much porn we are only now beginning to see the social impact of the exponential growth of online pornography.

For a whole generation of young men pornography is distorting their sexuality. Recent research suggests that the teenage brain is more susceptible to the effects of porn due to the effects of the neurotransmitter dopamine that is central in our drive for reward and pleasure. Not only does this neurotransmitter create a craving but also in order to reach the same highs we need to see more shocking and stimulating material leading to content that is becoming increasingly violent, dehumanising and exploitative.

Excessive porn use can lead to concentration problems, low motivation, depression, social anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

That is why more than ever we have to take a stance and ‘know thyself’. By raising our awareness to the effects of porn use on our sexuality we can see the harm it is doing to our relationships and ourselves.

Let’s begin a conversation.

By Douglas Channing


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