You Are Not a Sex Addict

Our culture is obsessed with sex. Sexual images and suggestive messages can be seen everywhere we look.

Yet, human sexuality is poorly understood and something we rarely talk about.

Instead, we get caught up in pseudo scientific debates about whether sex addiction is a brain disease or not.

It can be too easy to pathologise individuals who stray beyond hetero-normative sexual behaviour.

Individuals can also hide behind the label ‘sex addict’ as a way to excuse their sexual misconduct or come to terms with their own moral dilemmas.

No doubt some individuals do genuinely experience compulsive behaviour that not only destroy their lives but also those close to them.

To deal with compulsive sexual behaviour we need to shift our mindset and begin to place sexuality within a social, cultural and economic framework. It’s important to consider what factors might have led an individual to where they are now.

Through this exploration we might find a history of trauma, neglect or abuse.

By understanding what has happened to an individual we can decide whether or not the sexual behaviour is a problem.

Some clues to suggest that someone is in the grips of sexual compulsion are things like secretive behaviour, reckless and unsafe sexual practices and not worrying about the consequences of one’s behaviour.

If you are struggling with your sexual behaviour then let’s start an honest conversation and find out what’s happened to you.

Douglas Channing



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