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Managing Loneliness

Do you sometimes feel lonely? People can feel lonely for various reasons such as moving to a new area, city or country or simply a new school or workplace. You may be surrounded by people and still experience loneliness. Many people find it difficult to “fit in”, or feel “different” to those around them. Sometimes this is circumstantial, such as being with people you have little or nothing in common with, while in other instances it may be caused simply by shyness. You may feel lonely in a room full of strangers who may know each other, it may be difficult to begin a conversation or join in with an existing one.
Other reasons for feeling lonely can include bullying or exclusion, the death or separation from a loved one, or many other reasons.
Some tips for managing loneliness include becoming socially active and joining in activities where you are likely to meet people. Showing more interest in others rather than simply waiting for them to make the first move can result in more and better relationships.. Being prepared to listen to others rather than just talking about yourself is another way to strengthen bonds between people. For some people active listening has to be learned as it does always not come naturally. Don’t worry, with a little practice anyone can do it.
Other things you can do are, taking up or exploring new interests and seeking out others who share them. Friends or family members may be experiencing loneliness themselves and would really appreciate you making the effort to contact them, so pick up the phone and call them.
But being alone also has positive aspects and you can learn to appreciate this time. We can learn to enjoy our own company. One can work on projects alone, read, listen to music, go for a walk, or any number of other solitary activities. Walking in nature can be a very powerful catalyst to feeling better about being on your own.
Some positive results of being alone include that many people need time to be alone “me time” to do what they want, when they want and how they want. This could include going for a walk, travel, exercise or simply staying home. This can help to collect one’s thoughts and can restore calm in a busy world. Being alone can also minimise distraction and sometimes one can get more done alone

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