Tips For Challenging The Feeling That You Aren’t “Good Enough”

Many people feel that they are not “good enough”, But there are things we can do about this rather than just accepting it.

  • Realise that this feeling is just a feeling and is not an objective fact.
  • Avoid negative self-talk. You can train yourself to identify negative thoughts as
    they occur
  • Learn to challenge your negative thoughts and replace them with more positive
  • Focus on the positive and celebrate success and achievements in your life. Even
    the smallest achievement is worth celebrating and will make you feel better
  • Remember to take care of yourself and ensure that you regularly do things that
    you enjoy
  • Make use of your support networks. Spend time with friends or family who value
    you and who will give you positive but honest feedback. Train yourself to accept
    compliments and positive comments
  • Don’t forget that it is your life and not one else’s. No one can take away the
    positive feelings you have about yourself

Jonathan Homan



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